Starting with the production of wool in 1970, by Ilyas Ansari, the Ansari family became one of the largest purveyors of wool in India and quickly began to expand in to rug production. Being a family operation with a commitment to design and excellence, the business was taken to a whole new level once the grandsons completed university and began to head up the operation. As a direct result of the collaboration between two entrepreneurial brothers, Rizwan and Shamsu Ansari, Rizzy home was born. Rizwan, guides rug design and manufacturing, while younger brother, Shamsu, heads all textile operations. Rizzy Home now offers an extensive assortment of stunning hand-made and Power loomed rugs, luxury bedding, fine linens, designer pillows, accent throws, and more.

With decades of experience in the home interior business, the Ansari brothers offer an incomparable ability to deliver superior merchandise and have become industry leaders in design, manufacturing, and service. Having established U.S. operations in 2007, with an additional 175,000 square feet of warehouse space added in Calhoun, Georgia, Rizzy Home is able to efficiently handle all the needs of its quickly growing clientele.

In April of 2010, the company decided to expand its rug production capabilities to include a Power loom rug factory located in India. This state-of-the-art facility provides every necessary step of the power-loomed production process under one roof from polypropylene yarn extrusion to the final finishing of each and every rug. With a wide assortment of product choice and combinations, Rizzy Home is making it simpler than ever for designers and end consumers to design homes and interior spaces that are expressions of their personalities.

The talented team of designers and craftspeople have worked together to seamlessly coordinate all of Rizzy Home’s Product Categories. In 2021 Rizzy Home was the winner of 32nd annual Arts award for best rug vendor. Globally our commitment to excellence in manufacturing has been recognized with the awarding of India’s coveted Niryat Shree Award recognizing their “high standard of excellence, superior quality and service” in the India Export Industry. Rizzy Home was also the proud recipient of the 2014 Global Goodness Award presented by the World Market Center in Las Vegas.


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Rizzy Home believes it simply isn’t enough to be a successful company. We know our products help construct family homes to be homely, warm, and beautiful but we’d like to do more, so we do. Like us, many people who work hard to create Rizzy products dream of better lives through their children. Among their philanthropic efforts, the Ansari family has built and funds two schools, one being the Sayara Girls Intercollege and providing free education for girls in the villages where Rizzy facilities are located. They have also built and fund a similar educational experience for young men of those same villages, making education available to all who choose to participate regardless of their ability to pay.

The brothers have also funded the construction of two hospitals making healthcare available to these same villages. They have funded and facilitated free eye and ambulatory clinics making the care and treatments needed available for patients free of charge. The Ambulatory Clinic also provided bicycles, wheel chairs, crutches and canes to mobilize the disabled. Whether it’s digging wells to bring fresh drinking water to thousands of people daily or donating to organizations that provide local health care, Rizzy Home is committed to its product and its people.


Rizwan and Shamsu Ansari built a recycling plant utilizing empty, discarded plastic bottles and transforming them into multi-use rugs and bedding that would otherwise be land-fill bound. This will not only aid in reducing litter, but will also generate jobs for generations of villagers.

We also respect the deep cultural roots of our Mother India and pay respect to that by using ethically sourced products artistically interpreted as pillow fabrics or embellishments. These efforts will continue to be a centralized focus, and we truly appreciate our clients’ celebration of these products.

This company has introduced the world’s first recycled, hand finished, hand washed, machine made collections. This process is also used for our indoor-outdoor collections. Recycled, hand-tufted rugs are now available in Rizzy Home’s rug line.

Rizzy Home is also ISO8000 and ISO9001 certified, meeting the high level of standards in terms of quality control, working conditions and safety at all Rizzy Home facilities. Rizzy Home promotes cultural and religious diversity and retains a strong commitment against the use or tolerance of child labor.


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Rizzy Home has been an innovative leader in designing and producing handmade rugs for homes around the globe for more than 45 years. These handmade rugs include time-honored weaving processes such as Hand Tufting, Hand Knotting, Hand-Looming, Flat-Weaving, and Hand Guided Shag.

Our process begins with hand washing our imported raw wool followed by hand sorting and blending to ensure only the best of the wool is used. Then we hand spin the yarn, wash, straighten, and dye (pot, vat, or machine dye). It is followed by drying under the natural sunlight.

After each rug is meticulously woven and hand carved, pile height is inspected for quality and consistency. Rugs are then hand washed using centuries old technique. No harsh chemicals are utilized.

The manufacturing of our machine-made rugs is also vertically integrated. We extrude our own fibers and create our own colors in the BCF yarn plant. We twist, cable, heat set, frieze, and wrap yarn spools controlling every phase of the process.

Yarn is then loaded onto the creel spool which must be hand knotted with a weaver’s knot. After running through the loom, the uncut rolls of rugs are taken to the finishing plant where the back coat is applied, and the rugs are sheared and edged.

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We manufacture four types of bedding: linen duvets, cotton duvets, comforters, and quilts. All our duvets feature four internal corner ties securing the fill to prevent bunching or shifting with use. The majority feature hidden button closures, and the ends are gusseted so fillers stay inside- no filler peeking allowed!

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Matching or coordinating shams are available. Linen shams are available a la carte; cotton shams are included with the duvet. Our comforters offer a generous fill weight and are tie tacked intermittently to eliminate bunching or shifting with wash and wear. Matching shams are included and packaged with each comforter.

Rizzy’s boundless selection of quilts offers something for every price range and design style. Techniques include rouching, knotting, gathering, pedaling, texturizing – every application beautifully and delicately hand quilted. Our fill weights area appropriate for every season, and the fabrics are luxuriously appointed. Our entry price point quilts have matching shams included; all other quilts offer matching or coordinating shams a la carte allowing our clients to customize their perfect look.


If you can dream it, Rizzy has it. Sentiments, outdoor, holiday and a vast selection of home décor pillows that cross many genres are available. Pillows can be purchased as empty pillow shells or with either poly or down fillers. Most feature a zippered closure for easy fill.

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Rizzy features a panoply of techniques and stylings- many embroidery types, appliqué, texturizing, fringing, weaving, printing, knotting, every kind of hand stitchery, hand beading, and applied state of the art machined methodologies. With so many delightful adornments - the possibilities are endless.


Rizzy Home has amazing manufacturing capabilities, tailoring custom looks for large companies, styling for specific trends or demographics, nearly anything is possible!

We have many clients for whom we design, manufacture, and deliver to their stores or distribution centers. We are a global company with clients in many countries not limited to Australia, Germany, France, Egypt, Turkey, China, and of course India.